It turns out innocent jobs are not so innocent. Mummy cults are running organ donor programs, demons are telemarketing and aliens are using breathalyzers to fuel their spaceships.

Most people go through their daily lives and would never guess a thing. Those who suspect the truth are ridiculed as conspiracy theorists.

Then there is Lance.

For the better part of his twenties, Lance Bunkman has been busting his ass in Boston, trying to keep a roof over the head of himself and his twin sisters, since the mysterious disappearance of his parents. However his working life has been anything but typical.

Every new employer he gets hired by has turned out to be a front for a sinister organization, monstrous cult, or alien intelligence. At the end of the day, when others turn and run, Lance is the one who stays behind to help.

Lance has been too busy working (not to mention dodging fireballs, chainsaws or poison arrows) to ever ask "Why me?"

Now events have been set in motion to force the question. Hes about to learn more about himself, and the secrets of his sketchy employment, than he ever imagined.

Lance Bunkman is here to kill your monster-but he thought he was here to clean your pool.

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