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Thursday, April 8th, 2009

Definitely NOT a Hiatus

We're totally not going on Hiatus.

That is us, saying to you, our faithful reader (or both of you if this is a high traffic week) that we are NOT temporarily suspending weekly updates.

Even though Lance's adventures haven't had a regular update for a few weeks, we're not announcing a hiatus. In the meantime, Issue 2 is on its way and as soon as it gets here we'll be back on the clock.

That's right. We here at FLB are not quitters. We will not go on hiatus. Think of this as more of a smoke break. Taking 5.

If you just arrived, click on the comic icons to the right to view our first issue, Freelance Blues: Goin Back To Kali, 22 pages of call-center cockroach mayhem. Below that is the Preview-Mini, where you get to see one of Lance's first battles with the world's evilest employers.


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