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Thursday, December 25th, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

We here at Freelance Blues don't want to be worse to work for than Scrooge over the holidays. That's why we're giving Lance a few weeks off before he starts in at his new job. For you that means a special Christmas bonus thanks to the merrily talented Vicki Tierney of special FLB holiday pin-ups!

Here's hoping that a little last minute holiday spirit is enough to FINALLY get us off of the naughty list. From all of us here at FLB, to all you and yours: Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

(Right-Click to save the Pin-up!)


Thursday, December 18th, 2008

All the World's A Stage...

So why's everyone a critic? Find out this week!

Meet Rob Kenny, Lance's new boss, or at least underboss, as he takes on a brand new gig this week! This one's gonna go much better than the last one. Promise.

And hey, speaking of Shakespeare, there's some comic characters whose only virtue it seems is trading thees and thous. Yeah we're talking about The Mighty Thor. When you're spending your days with the Hardest Working Character in Comics, it's hard not to take offense at the slacking you see in the cartoon workplaces around you. But sometimes you've got to tip your hat to the master.

You might think that Thor would feel some demigod pressure to excel based on the efforts of Hercules and his labors. But not Odin's son. He's actually got a whole alter-ego human surrogate, yeah, his name's Donald Blake, who's responsible for bringing home the bacon. So while Thor goes soaring through the skies, he's never gotta worry about paying the rent, or stocking the fridge. No no, those mundane tasks go to some mortal from Midgard, who just happens to be sharing Thor's body. Now how do we get on board that gig? Who wouldn't trade their desk job to grapple giant wolves and bust frost giant ass? Especially if you knew someone else was picking up the tab. Thor-- take a memo. It's time to shape up. Or we're telling your father.

Next week! It's an FLB Christmas Bonus that you don't wanna miss!


Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Everybody's All American...

Get to know this handsome mug in this week's update!

Part of the joy of writing Freelance Blues is being able to introduce you to all the members of Lance's extended family. Sure you've gotten to know his twin sisters, Nicki and Vicki. But who can you call when you're into a real jam? Well it sure ain't Zack, Lance's cousin. As smarmy as he is adorable, Zack has been coming up number one in the Bunkman universe for quite some time. Just check out that grin: Who wouldn't trust that guy?

Anyhow, we hope you're all enjoying this break we're giving Lance's life before he gets back on the job. There's workplaces still crawling with supernatural evil, so don't worry, Hell's a coming!


Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Put Me On Your Do Not Call List

Hold the line for this week's update!

We better hope that's not a telemarketer (I mean, telesurveyer) calling up the Bunkman household after the beating Lance got from the last one. There might not be that much whoop-ass left. How many earthly incarnations of the Goddess Kali can there be?

In the meantime there's going to be some big happenings here at FLB. Coming in January 2009,we're going to be kicking off with the official launch party for the website and the premiere of issue 1! We're working up an appetite for it that'll make a Bunkman proud. Stay tuned!


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