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Friday, April 9th, 2010


Freelance Blues: Chapter 2: Blood Money is our biggest yet! A mixed up vampire tale set in a medical testing lab, inspired by real life experiences. It could only happen in Scarborough. And by biggest we mean our most complete story as Lance begins his road-trip Odyssey to get to his family in California. But will he get there in time?

Anyhow, it's here! Mike and I are debuting it this weekend at Ad Astra, a science fiction convention. We'll also be appearing at a number of shows in June, including the Toronto Small Press Expo and the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair. That's as close as we've come to a Canadian tour--so who knows what town we'll end up in next!

More announcements coming soon about how YOU can get your hands on the latest sweet issue of FLB. In the meantime, click the image to see the shocking magic of guest cover artist Steve Sayer's crucial touch! What's that you see there Lance? Doughnuts? (Hint: It's not doughnuts).


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