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Monday, October 26, 2009

Freelance Blues Returns!

Hold the phones; your office is about to get a helluva lot better. We maintained radio silence here for a while here at FLB hq but that time is done.

Over the summer your esteemed writing team has been polishing off the scripts for issue 4, while the iron art-monger Vicki Von Doom has been inking up a storm on Issue’s 2 and 3. We even got a new letterer! Right-hand-man and webmaster-general Rob Petek brings the noise to the page as our official electronic typesetter.

But more than any of that, we’re going to press. For the first time EVER you will be able to get your hands on the sweet sweet Freelance Blues: Goin’ Back to Kali! The first issue of the saga, being released this Sunday, and to celebrate we’re kicking it off with two events!

Sunday, November 1st: Freelance Blues live at CANZINE at the Gladstone Hotel. Celebrate your post Halloween hangover by heading down to the hotel for zines, minicomics, and us, LIVE, giving you the business.

Thursday, November 5th: Freelance Blues returns to the Gladstone for the Speakeasy Comic Show! In the company of many esteemed guests, including the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and the Joe Schuster comic awards.

We hope that you’re stoked. And more than that, we hope we’ve whet your appetite for more, as Blood Money, the second issue of the Freelance saga hits the site later this month!


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