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Friday, June 18th, 2010

FLB: In Your Town!
On The Road!

Freelance Blues, your favourite supernatural comedy comic book, has been hitting the convention circuit this summer with a show at the Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation Event. Great time, and got to see a lot of new faces and a couple of old friends. Fantastic times for con goers looking for an early taste of what's coming up at the big Fan Expo in August, which with any luck is where we'll be debuting FLB ISSUE 3!

In the meantime, our tour continues. First up, this Saturday June 19th we'll be at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair at the Great Hall, 1087 Queen West in Toronto. This show was a great hit for us in the Fall where we got to hang out with some fantastic people like The Workhorsery, as well as debut the Freelance Blues design your own monster contest!

We had such a good time, that we're doing it again-- this time with prizes! Come and try your hand at drawing your own office-place terror or factory freak and you'll have a chance to win exclusive FLB stuff, as well as get featured on our site! The winner of last year's contest was Charles Weiss for his devastating portrait of the Fish Man: Aka: Finance Bottom Feeder Flaherty. Any resemblance to those in power is purely coincidental! For more of Charles' fishy pictures you can check out his own site here:

You can see more pictures at the FLB facebook group! And while you're there, why not join the group.

Next stop! In two weeks, Saturday, June 26, 2010 we visit our nation's capital for the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair! More on this in the days ahead, stay posted!


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