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Thursday, August 26th, 2010


Summer job got you down? Feeling the sting of the short-term contract? Dying for a vacation?

Donít worry-- someoneís always got it worse. Case in point, Lance Bunkman, who takes on the landscaping gig from Hell in FREELANCE BLUES ISSUE 3! While Lance literally battles the bush, his twin sisters Nicki and Vicki do some digging of their own, into the secrets of the Bunkman family. Gardening has never been deadlier...

And now it can be yours, as FREELANCE BLUES #3 launches this weekend at FAN EXPO, held at the METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE!

August 27-29th

Friday 4 PM- 9 PM
Saturday 10 AM- 7PM
Sunday 11 AM- 6 PM

Yep, alongside STAN LEE, ADAM WEST, and WILLIAM SHATNER, you can also hang out with the team of FLB! (And letís face it-- you wonít have to pay a premium for our exclusive autographs either!)

FREELANCE BLUES #3 is the third installment of the FLB saga: one manís struggle against the world of work, and your favourite supernatural-workplace-comedy comic book. Youíll find us in the Artistís Alley anytime this weekend, so come by pick up the books, say hi. Hey where else would you rather be on the last weekend of August? Outside! Pffft!


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