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Thursday, March 17th, 2011


You lose that hour? How you gonna get back to work on time? Winter's gone by so quickly: Snow's turning back to slush. Mush gives way to rain. And soon before you know it we're back in the Convention season again. Perfect. Cause FLB IS coming back baby. Shows are a comin'. And issue 4. You just wait.

But first we got some news. In December we revealed our behind-the-scenes story in this interview by Sequential Canadian Comics Blog featuring the truth behind the writers: “Hey! You’re those two assholes who are always yelling at each other in coffee shops!”

And then a real swell review of the first two issues by Dave Proctor of Wooden Rocket Press, who is also the author of the dystopian Toronto Condo-nightmare, Blank Slate!

But the shows-- first up we have this coming weekend -- March 18th--20th, FLB will be at Wizard World Toronto! Come on down to the Direct Energy Centre at the Exhibition and check us out. Or try to find us, as we're on the floor stalking former cast members of Buffy...


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