Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Freelance Blues- Complete Edition- Available July 15th!

Publishing a comic means getting it into the hands of like-minded people. The real proof of this was how many of you came back after reading Lance's first adventure. Telling us how much you could relate to our working class hero-- a guy who only wants to make it through a shift and live to crack open a beer. It's not our fault he keeps being attacked by demons and robots. (Oh wait it is, whoops.)

Now there's big news for Lance-- his adventures are about to be released by New York based publisher Alterna Comics as an all-in-one digital edition of Freelance Blues on Comixology and Kindle on JULY 15th!

But before that release we know we are hard to find-- so we want to give you the chance to finish the story! You are our closest compadres in the fight against the monsters at work, so we want to give back. We're putting the original print issues on SALE you can get them in your hands first!

  • Any Freelance Blues issue for $2.00! (50% off!)

  • The Employee of the Month! Got Issue #1? Complete the series with issues #2-6 for just $10 + Get a copy of the new story Charcoal for free!

  • The Year-End Bonus! Get issues #1-6, with 2 colour covers, the FLB mini and a special bonus of the 28 page solo comic A Nail in the Heart all for $18 + shipping

Think of it as a reverse kickstarter for something you already love: The 6 Issues of Freelance Blues are already done, and waiting for you. And sincerely, thanks for supporting your favourite supernatural job-seeker, and for getting us this far.

We couldn't have made it without you.

Yours from the trenches,

Ian & Mike

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

After a far too long delay we are PROUD to present the FINAL CHAPTER of Freelance Blues: THE FAMILY BUSINESS!

It's a journey to the end that takes Lance back to his beginnings as he finally learns WHY does this shit keep happening to him!?! The employment horror saga ends here!

Also coming on board-- our new artist!

Becca T.R: , a gifted young cartoonist who we met when she came up to buy her latest issue of Freelance. Little did she know--she’d soon be drawing it! But just like that movie where Mark Wahlberg becomes a lead singer after playing in cover band, Becca put on the glitter and took center stage. Thanks for getting us to the finish line.

You can also get the issue comes with two covers: Dynamic colour by John Lang or Classic black and white by Steve Sayer.

Don't forget to click through at some of our exclusive pics below:

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

FLB: Santa Ex Machina

Merry Christmas readers and friends!

The holiday season is all about giving, so I wanted to share with you a special something from the Freelance Blues department.

Santa Ex Machina is an original short story inspired by a piece of Christmas creation drawn by Vicki Tierney and inked and coloured by Diego Moreno.

Think of it as all the monster-fighting, terrible employment excitement you love, only this time wearing a red and white felt hat--kind of our version of 'A Christmas Carol'.

And you can download Santa Ex Machina Here!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012



Every operation gets the occasional monkey with a wrench, or gremlin with a spanner up in its works and FLB is no exception. Luckily we've finally put them to rest, and now it's here-- Freelance Blues Issue #5! The latest, greatest, and penultimate chapter in the story of one ordinary guy's struggle against a world of extraordinarily evil employers. And he might have found the worst one yet...

After the events of the "Triple U" Wagyu cattle ranch, Lance Bunkman is stranded in Arizona; his family waiting only an overnight bus-ride away. But to get there he has to survive the night as an extra on the set of a horror movie, where the producers are adding a little black magic to their special effects budgets. Better pack your two-by-fours, and fire up your chainsaws, cause it's gonna be a long and zombie night!

Freelance Blues Issue #5: 28 Hour Later_ is available now at our ONLINE STORE at a special advanced ordering rate until April 20th, 2012, and we'll be shipping next week.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011


Lance's solution involves a bat, sometimes a fire-extinguisher, hell even a 3-hole punch. Work with what you got, right? Especially around Christmas, when everyone wonders whether their workplaces might be evil. Every job is different, but not a single one slides towards the holidays gently. No, no, it's all on Blitzen-speed, cause Comet, Cupid, and Donner need those forms and TPS reports filled out (and don't try to reach them on BBM either). But this Christmas, there is one thing however that you can look forward to...

Freelance Blues at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair!
Saturday December 10th
Doors open from 11am until 5pm
At the University of Toronto's Hart House Building.
More info at:

Besides getting all the great FLB comics, we're also bringing a limited edition Poster-sized print of Mikey Del Mundo's Pizza Delivering Cthulu-esque monster house masterpiece. And that's not all--

The show also marks the return of the FLB- Design A Monster Contest! A lot of people we meet at shows tell us how they relate to Lance's situation of terrible bosses. Well now's your chance to prove it. Show us what you got by drawing a picture of your workplace creeps. Last year we were chilled by the Scourge of the Multiplex, "The 3-Demon", and mall fashion's worse nightmare, "Probably Emma". Which workplace monster will take the cake this year! Come to the show and find out!

Oh and finally: Our sincerest apologies on the delay of Freelance Blues Issue 5. Our artist swears to us, this time the pages are coming in for real. It's halfway there. Stick around and we promise you'll be rewarded when you see it...

Saturday, September 24th, 2011


It's unbelievable, but you've done it. Freelance Blues readers have completely swept up the first run of our very first issue, Freelance Blues: Goin Back to Kali. It's been amazing that we've managed to reach so many different readers. So first, we'd thank you for sticking by us, while we uncover the secrets of diabolical industries everywhere. But for those who haven't come on board yet, we'd like to welcome them with something special, something new.

For our latest edition of Freelance Blues we're going colour. That's right. Colour! At least, for the cover, brought to you by the amazing Michael Del Mundo! Some call him "Deadly", for his work illustrating covers for Marvel Comics on titles like Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. He's also a covert subway illustrator, capturing incredible likenesses in his sketchbook series "The Daily Commute". You never know-- one of those characters in there might be you. All we know is, we're happy to have him on board, doing a remix (a cover if you will?) of our Vicki Tierney's original pizza delivery special. If you haven't yet read it, or just want to complete your set, you can get the new edition of FLB #1 in our store.

Or, why not come meet us in person! This weekend we're going to be at Toronto's one-of-a-kind annual literary outdoor carnival!

Word on the Street!

Sunday September 25th

Queen's Park Crescent East (near St. Joseph's street)

Booth: FB16

11:00--6:00 PM

We're sharing a booth with our friends in publishing The Workhorsery! (Aka the Canadian Fiction Tsunami!) They will be presenting their two most recent novels Pitouie and You and the Pirates, both magical, insightful, and incredibly imaginative works of fiction that readers of FLB would certainly enjoy.

And if you missed our last show at the Fan Expo, you might also be interested in this interview by the good folks at RGB Filter. Here they interview your humble writers about all things Blues, as well as a sneak peak into our new top secret project. Yes, I'm talking about Robohorse. Enjoy!

Friday, August 26th, 2011

FLB @ FAN EXPO 2011!

It's that time again: another year. Another massive comics explosion in the Metro Convention Centre! Freelance Blues is there and we want to see you!

Both Mike and Ian are guests the artist alley, section p 90 (we're at the right hand side wall when you go in-- behind that ginormous X-Box set-up). If your past all the giant glowy screens, that's where we are!

We're in the same aisle as the Japanese Guest of Honor, Junko Mizuno. They call her work Gothic Kawaii or Kawaii noir-- a mix of cuteness and horror. Isn't that what we've been saying about FLB for years? We may have to have words. Or at least swap some art!

Anyhow, come on down this year and say Hi. As a special for the show you can also get your hands on the limited edition poster by cover artist John Lang featuring the art from the upcoming Freelance Blues Issue 5! Velociraptors never had it so tough...

Speaking of Issue 5 (hint: it's got zombies in it!) you can look for it in late September. If you can't wait to get your hands on it-- it's already for pre-sale on our online store, where you can order now and save a buck on shipping! 5 bucks, for book, tax, and right to your door.

And also at the show- you can check out A NAIL IN THE HEART a new short horror comic collection by Ian Daffern, featuring 3 stories by Shari Chankmanna, Frank Fiorentino and Noel Tauzon. It comes packed with monster horror, hipster tourists and a severed head. What more could you ask for?

FLB at Fan Expo!

Show hours are:

Friday from 10AM-8PM

Saturday 10AM-8PM

Sunday 10AM-6PM

See you there!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011


Yep, the dog days are here, where bosses are off at the cottage leaving the rest of us to pick up the slack. But don't worry, there's still plenty to do in the city. Like pick up some new summer reading-- especially now that Freelance Blues is finally, in stores!

Issues 1-4 are now available at these Toronto locations:

Dragon Lady Comics! (609 College St.)

The Silver Snail (367 Queen St)

One Million Comix (531 Yonge St. at Wellesely)

Paradise Comics (3278 Yonge St. north of Lawrence)

The Beguiling (601 Markham St., south of Bloor)

Outside the Toronto area, FLB can be found at:

In Guelph at The Dragon

In Ottawa at The Comic Book Shoppe

Thanks again to all of the managers who got our book out there. Keep this up and you'll start giving bosses a good name!

You can also visit our online store which comes fully stocked with all current issues.

We also have a sneak peak of our pin-up page for Issue 5 from Benjamin Rivers, a cartoonist who recently put out Snow a collected graphic novel about Toronto's Queen Street West neighbourhood. Keep yourself frosty and pick the book up for yourself!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011


Don't be angry, Lance! Your newest issue, Kobe or Not Kobe, is available now at our online store! Now anyone can catch up on the action:

Lance journey takes him to the wild wild weird, where he gets a job as a dude at The Triple U Ranch, a place where wealthy dudes pay for the privilege of living the life of a Kobe beef cattle. But it's not all Sake and Sushi on this ranch, when a Kamikaze cow crashes into the grounds. Will this mean sayonara for Lance?

See! There was nothing to be mad about after all! Now if only someone would tell the cows that...

PS: FLB can also be found in Guelph at The Dragon and in Ottawa at The Comic Book Shoppe (Clyde Ave Location). Ask for it by name!


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